Will a pest control company remove a squirrel (no, they usually handle insects)


A lot of people bothered by squirrels usually become rattled or panicky about the situation and they sometimes forget that a pest control company cannot handle squirrel removal. They typically handle insects and not wildlife animals, though there are companies nowadays who also employ experts in wildlife removal, so they handle insects and animal removal at the same time. The pest control company, will treat insect infestation primarily and they will use a poison control method to do this. They will normally spray the poison around the yard or around the house and then they will keep the house filled with poisonous substances for months depending on your agreement.  They have to do a maintenance control by monthly or in a quarterly basis to make sure that the insects will not come back again.


Whereas, the wildlife control remover handles the big animal infestation like squirrels and raccoons. How to get rid of squirrels is very complex and requires a licensed professional to solve your problem, like Raf’s Wildlife Pest Control. Their method of removing the animals is quite different from the pest control experts, because they deal with the animals and they do not use anything to poison or to kill them.  They typically use traps or they take them with a snare or bare hands for the babies to get rid of them. They relocate the animals after catching them. If you will call a pest control to take care of your wildlife animal concern, you must be cautious because they may use poisonous substances to get rid of them, which the law strictly prohibits.


Squirrels are typically active in the morning and late afternoon. They feed on nuts and seeds all the time, so you can see them wandering around the yard oftentimes to get food. They typically live in the woods and forests, but since humans have invaded their natural habitat, they are now used to living with humans in the suburbs. They are now establishing a home territory and they always communicate through their sense of smell.  Getting rid of them through trapping is one of the best thing to do. When you call a wildlife removal company, you will know that they are not into killing and hurting the animals. This is because they know that this is primarily prohibited by the law.  The squirrels can be trapped and they can be removed from your house, they can later on be relocated to a place that is 5-15 miles away from your home. But they will also clean the house, because that is the next best thing to prevent other animals from visiting you.