What is the best bait to trap a groundhog?


If you think that your problem with the groundhog will go away just like that, think again, you will be needing something to solve groundhog infestation quickly before the problem progress.  More often than not, these beings have the capacity to ruin the homey environment of your house, by means of making burrows to more than 25 feet, thus it will affect the structure of your home. The issue will start if you have strawberries in your garden or herbs that they love to eat. There is a high possibility that they will be attracting these creatures to nest around. You must stop growing them to drive groundhogs away or better yet put a durable barrier around the yard to prevent them from invading your property.

If you are not certain if you need help or not with the groundhog trapping, you must first know the warning signs of this animal being shown in your yard.  It has been said that these creatures can easily move up to 700 lbs. of soil, which means that you are certain to look for lumps anywhere in the yard. They can also make entrances to the underground caves they make. If you will discover about these things along with the foods that they love, you must be careful and you can call a wildlife expert right away for assistance.  These creatures can be trapped using a big trap. These creatures are heavy at 8 pounds, so you need to be sure that the trap is big enough and can hold them. A lot of places sell traps and they will be happy to be of service to you.


Bait is so essential in trapping the groundhog, particularly if you want the whole thing to stop right away.  One thing that has been shown to have good results is that the groundhog trapping works is the cantaloupe. It works best as a bait for these creatures. You must spread the juice to persuade the groundhog to come into the trap, on the trap and through the holes of the burrows. You must not clean out the bait if you have not caught anything yet in the first few days, the decomposing fruit is even more persuading to them.  You need to check some preventive measures while trying to catch them through a trap. This way, you will prevent the other creatures from coming on your property and thus causing more harm along the way.


Moreover, you would want to make a wire fence around the perimeter of the yard or of the property and then as soon as it goes well down into the ground, that will prevent the groundhog from burrowing through. These are just why the animal control expert must be called for help, if you happen to make a mistake, the strength of the fencing will be compromised and you will just waste money on it.